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Synod Registration, Message From Bishop Kevin, Ordinations, New Parish, and Trinity School for Ministry at Synod 2019

All Cascadians are encouraged to attend any or part of the 2019 Diocesan Synod to be held October 18-19, 2018 at Holy Trinity Edmonds.

Learn More & Register here or begin registering with the links below, as a guest or as an official voting delegate for your parish.

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This year's theme is "Formed in the Reality of Christ" with our guest speaker, Sarah Colyn, PhD. Childcare for children 6 and under will be available during the business meeting on Friday, the sessions on Saturday, and the Festival Eucharist Service on Saturday afternoon. 

Dr. Sarah Colyn is a Christian ministry leader and licensed Clinical Psychologist who focuses on curing the soul through union with Christ. She is also the President of Ministries of Pastoral Care, a teaching and healing ministry dedicated to imparting a biblical understanding of persons and how we grow into Christian maturity.

Delegates should already be registered for Friday and Saturday, but you can join us to the open sessions and Festival Eucharist on Saturday.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

As I write this note to you, we just passed another anniversary of 9/11 and it brings back powerful memories for me as I am sure it does for all of you.  Stefanie and I were at the State Department in Washington DC the day before for the Collin Powell’s installation of Clark Ervin, who was a parishioner of our church in Austin, as the Inspector General of the State Department.  We flew home and the next day were shocked by the attacks.  We were able to organize a service that very evening at our church to pray for our nation and part of my sermon was rebroadcast on NPR’s Morning Edition the next morning.  What was an unexpected blessing was in the weeks that followed, many in America were moved to more prayer, more caring for our communities and more support of our military, first responders, firemen and police.  In our time of trial, America had changed for the better. 

Now as I reflect on our culture and country some eighteen years later, I am concerned that America is beginning to drift away from the values and care that emerged post 9/11.  I see this particularly in the public square where some political and cultural leaders are dismissing prayer as valueless in times of crisis, using negative rhetoric which polarizes and divides our communities and people, and seem to encourage disrespect of our police.  However, I believe the good news is that people of faith and goodwill can and will set a better example by their actions and not give in to this national drift.

O God, you made us in your own image , and you have redeemed us through your Son Jesus Christ: Look with compassion on the whole human family; take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts; break down the walls that separate us; unite us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth; that, in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

- A Prayer the Human Family, The ACNA BCP 2019, page 659

So I encourage you, my brothers and sisters, to continue to pray for our nation and the needs of our communities, to volunteer and do outreach ministries which make a positive difference in your local community; and to pray for, thank and encourage our first responders and military.  Let our words and actions be a light that brings peace and goodwill to the fore and not reflect the rancor that permeates so much of our media and public discourse.  I ask that you join me in continuing to make a difference by being more Christlike where ever we are and whenever we can. 

I also encourage you to go to anglicanliturgypress.com where you will find our ACNA Book of Common Prayer 2019 now available to order. There is a hard cover pew edition as well as the deluxe edition which has slightly larger print and an imitation leather cover. This BCP is a treasure of prayers for personal devotion, family and personal, the nation and more as well as the Daily Offices, Holy Eucharist and other services. (The first printing sold out quickly and this is now the second printing so it would be good to order yours soon.)

Last May I was blessed to travel with St. Charles Cathedral parishioner Jeff Brown to Myanmar and teach at the Discipleship Conference in Yangon.  This was part of our ongoing Companion Diocese relationship with Yangon and Archbishop Stephen Than and done in cooperation with SOMA USA led by Dr. Glen Petta and clergy from around the ACNA.

As you can see, our team had a great time and I will show a great video from the mission at our upcoming Diocesan Synod October 17th and 18th at Holy Trinity in Edmonds.  If you would like to be part of an upcoming mission to Myanmar, please contact either Anne Ni or myself.

In His Name, +Kevin


Please celebrate with us and the community of All Saints Everett with the ordination of Rev. Galen Yorba-Gray to the Holy Order of the Priesthood and Rev. DJ Jackson to the Holy Order of the Diaconate on September 21st, 2019.


We welcome St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Seattle, WA to the Diocese of Cascadia. St. Peter’s is lead by Fr. David Mariga.

Worship is on Sundays at High Line Community College in Des Moines, WA from 2pm to 4pm. Please welcome St. Peter’s to Cascadia by going to their new facebook page. St. Peter’s will officially be seated as a congregation at this year’s synod.


Columbia Gorge Anglican, located in The Dalles Oregon area; is a new gathering of faithful worshipers currently gathering in a home. Columbia Gorge Anglican is lead by layleaders John & Bekah Fisher. You are welcomed on Saturday evening, October 5th, for a home-cooked meal at 5:00 pm followed by a simple Evening Prayer service at 6:00 pm. For location details or questions, please click here to email Fr. Jason Clark.


Trinity School for Ministry is delighted to be present at Cascadia's upcoming 2019 Diocesan Synod! Trinity is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. In this fractured world, we desire to be a global center for Christian formation, producing outstanding leaders who can plant, renew, and grow churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Representing Trinity at this year's synod will be Janessa Fisk, the Director of Admissions, who will be glad to discuss the particulars of theological education and life at Trinity. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Janessa at janessa.fisk@tsm.edu. We also invite you to visit their website at www.tsm.edu


If you have something in your community or parish that should be celebrated either in the newsletter or on the diocese Facebook page, or if you notice something needing correctection; please email or call the communication team.

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