Church Planting Update

Did you know that in the Diocese of Cascadia we have an organization that was created specifically for the work of planting new Anglican Churches? We call this organization PAF (Promoting Anglican Fellowship). Having this organization allows us to offer many services to new churches including; legal covering and 501c3 status for tax deductible donations, accounting and bookkeeping services, assessments and coaching for planters, leadership training, financial support, liability insurance, as well as meeting many other practical needs of church plants and church planters. Here's an update on what has been happening in the last five years through PAF.

Christ Our Peace, Iona Community, Church of the Resurrection, Holy Trinity Edmonds, The Gathering at Saint Paul's, these are five churches that have been planted within the Diocese of Cascadia in the last five years. This is really good news! Planting a church a year is nothing to be taken lightly, God is on the move in Cascadia. PAF has been able to help these churches in many ways through the services that we are able to offer, we have also been able to help financially in many cases. Beyond these five congregations we have also added a newly formed congregation in Anchorage Alaska to our diocese, St. Andrew's Anglican Church

While we are excited for the work that God has been doing in and through the diocese to start new congregations we believe that He has more in store. On April 15th we will launch another new parish in Everett, Washington with the help of Bethel Baptist ChurchNorth Sound Church, and The Diocese of C4SO. Fr. Kevin Craik and his team have been preparing for this launch for the last 7 months and can't wait to start services at All Saints. We are also working with Deacon Jason Clark to plant a new parish in Salem, Oregon and Fr. Jesse Martin is beginning the work to plant another congregation in Ellensburg, Washington. 

As a diocese we are committed to seeing new churches planted throughout the northwest and we believe that this is what God has called us to do as we work to bring His kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. To do this successfully we need to work together as one church here in the diocese. There are many ways that you can help support the work of church planting in Cascadia, here are just a few. You can pray! Pray for these churches and there leaders by name. You can give! Financial gifts help us to support these new churches and the planters in various ways. You can tell the story! Sharing stories with others about what God is doing in the Diocese of Cascadia helps us all to remember that we are a part of something great, much bigger than each individual church. It also reminds us to give thanks to God that he is building his church here in Cascadia.

Church Planting News