St Charles Anglican Cathedral

On March 2nd, 2019, St. Charles Anglican Cathedral was consecrated by The Right Reverend Kevin Bond Allen, for the loving ministry and service of Jesus Christ to the beautiful community of Bremerton, Washington and Diocese of Cascadia.

Here marks the tenth anniversary of the missional Diocese of Cascadia which held its first synod on March 7th, 2009. This year also marks the tenth anniversary of the Anglican Church in North America.

This gift of a permanent church building and home for the parish family of St. Charles was an answer to many prayers over many years. More so, the fundraising, purchase, and move were so well orchestrated and woven together that it has come to be regarded by many as miraculous.

As a growing missional diocese, the Diocese of Cascadia is committed to serving and loving our neighbors as Jesus loves us. The faithful people of Cascadia will continue to pour into more and more communities. The faithful people of Cascadia will continue to offer their homes for places of prayer and worship. Cascadia will continue to establish missions as service to spiritually hungry communities. Cascadia will continue to multiply and equip disciples to nurture faithful gatherings and plant churches to the glory of the Risen Lamb, Jesus Christ the King.