Our first formation meeting was held on February 2nd 2009. 8 Parishes and their Rectors were present along with Bishop Richard Boyce. The initial directors were officially elected and each clergy and lay representative present signed the formal application for a new diocese called The Diocese of Cascadia.

Since that meeting in 2009 we have seen the Lord do miraculous work in bringing together congregations from across the region as well as establishing new churches.

On May 13, 2011 Bishop Kevin Allen was elected bishop of the diocese and he continues that role.

The Diocese of Cascadia is committed to following the great commandment and the great commission working diligently as led by the Holy Spirit to plant new; sacramental, gospel centered, Spirit filled, Anglican churches across the Northwest.

We know the story is still being written and we look forward to the continuing story of God's unfolding grace over our churches and diocese.


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