Sponsor an A4D Candidate

A4D Sponsorship of a Candidate
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As a sponsor, you are committing to praying, guiding, caring for your candidate(s) as well as paying for their attendance of A4D.

Women's or Men's A4D:

Sponsoring a candidate for an A4D Weekend is a privilege which entails a number of important responsibilities.

Sponsorship FAQS

Q Who can be a Sponsor?

A An individual living on the west coast of the USA or Canada; Who has attended an Anglican Fourth Day or Cursillo® weekend and is living the method; Who understands that the Group Reunion is the heart of the method, and that the Ultreya is a gathering of Group Reunions for witness and encouragement.

Q Who can be a candidate?

A A person who Is a baptized adult who is capable of understanding the message and is a regular participant in worship and in the parish; Has no major health problems and is able to withstand the physical demands of the weekend; is free of psychological or emotional problems; Is a potential leader who has a sincere desire to grow in their faith.

Q Do I need a Co-sponsor?

A Yes, if you are:bA new 4th Dayer; New in the Diocese; Out of town on the weekend; Uncertain of your duties.

Q How do I prepare my candidate?

A Answer all the questions honestly – there are no secrets. Tell them it is a live-in weekend; Tell about the accommodation – may be dormitory style –washroom availability – NO CELL PHONES. There will be 15 talks and 5 meditations, silence and the Sacraments; Tell about the table discussion groups and the Spanish words. Tell about the three days and The Fourth Day (you may introduce your candidate to Group Reunion at this time)

(from the Anglican 4th Day Handbook) Sponsorship is not just paperwork and financial support; it is a long-term commitment which begins with prayer and is only completed when the pilgrim [or candidate] is well on the way to being actively committed, participating in a small accountability group, involved in changing environments they sojourn in for Christ, has a developing prayer life, is in the Word daily, and is a witnessing member of the A4D servant community.

Please be in prayer over who the Lord is calling you to sponsor for these fall weekends!

A4D President of the Secretariat - Jeff Brown