Mission Statement:
Bearing, sharing, and serving each other through local and international diocesan outreaches for the sake of the Gospel and the unity in our diocese.

A diocese with unity and strength, whose passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ is reflected in the women of all its parishes.

Who we are:
Women from all parishes in the Diocese of Cascadia, who love and serve Jesus Christ through our home parishes.

What we do:
Provide unity in the Diocese of Cascadia through shared vision and resources, fellowship, and outreach activities.

How we do it:
CWU will provide opportunities for local and international women’s fellowship and diocesan-wide parish networking support through steering team-planned events, retreats, and web resources, through annual women’s retreats, women’s A4D weekends, short term missions to our companion dioceses, designated prayers for parishes, fund raising, CWU quarterly meetings, and other activity that brings unity in the diocese for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

How you can be a part of CWU: You can be a CWU representative for your parish with the blessings of your priest/rector, designate a woman as CWU representative for your parish, or have your parish representative connect with CWU leadership to get activity updates to relay to the women in your home parish, and encourage them to participate. We would love all our diocesan women to be aware of CWU activities.

More about Cascadia Women’s Union – CWU
The Cascadia Women’s Union was formed on Saturday, September 12, 2015 in response to our Diocesan Bishop Kevin Allen’s call and challenge to form a women’s fellowship and ministry to provide diocesan unity among parish women.

At our first annual retreat in April 2015, the women of the Diocese of Cascadia captured the vision to build each other up, stay connected, work together for outreach, and help women develop Christian lifestyles as singles, teens, married women and mothers. With that vision in mind, nine women from seven parishes signed up at the retreat to meet later to form the Cascadia Women’s Union (CWU).
On Saturday, September 12, 2015, we met and had our first CWU meeting, with the vision and goals approved by Bishop Kevin Allen.

CWU provides diocesan unity among parish women with fellowship, discipleship, spiritual renewal, and Biblical teachings through retreats; with shared educational materials, activities, and programs through meetings and Diocesan website; and with local, national and international outreach through partnered ministries and companion dioceses.

In October 2015, CWU supported the diocesan women’s A4D weekend by participating and serving on the A4D team in Silverdale, WA. CWU supports the A4D movement in the diocese through recruiting candidates and team members, participating as candidates and team members, lifting up prayers, and providing other help needed for an A4D weekend.

In April 2016, CWU organized the second diocesan women’s retreat at Cascade Conference Center in Yelm, WA. We shared our goal and vision to the retreat attendees and encourage them to connect with CWU through their parish CWU representatives. We received good feed backs from the retreat, which help us with planning better for future women’s retreats.

In July 2016 two CWU members – Kendra Long and Anne Ni – joined the Diocese of Cascadia mission team and went on their first international outreach to our companion Diocese of Yangon in Myanmar. Partnering with the Mothers’ Union of Yangon Diocese, Kendra (with Anne interpreting for her) did two days lay teaching sessions along with other Cascadia mission team members, who prayed for those needing prayers and encouraged the women of Yangon to continue serving the Lord as they live out their faith in a practical way.

While in Myanmar, our team visited various ministries of the Diocese of Yangon and the Province of Myanmar. Women’s Home for the Aged, School for the Deaf, Holy Cross Theological College, outreach to the slum area in the outskirts of Yangon, and mission and evangelism field work in the Delta are among the ministries CWU visited. We were blessed that we not only were able to support and encourage our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, but also were able to see how they live and serve the same Lord we serve with much passion. It is our hope to visit them again in the future, as well as to see them visit us here in the US.

We give thanks to the Lord for the formation of the CWU in the Diocese of Cascadia. It is such a privilege and a blessing to serve our Lord through our diocese in such a time as this – a time where unity in the body of Christ is needed more than ever before as we prepare ourselves for His coming again. We pray that we will be given the grace of reaping the harvest for His Kingdom, being ready in season and out of season for His works, not becoming idle while awaiting His return, and being acknowledged by our Lord as good and faithful servants.

May the Lord’s name be glorified forever and ever! May His Kingdom come and His will be done through CWU as it is in heaven. Amen.

Contact Anne Ni with any questions.

Leadership and team members:
Anne Ni, Chair
Lisa Di Giovanna, Vice Chair
Stefanie Allen, Secretary
Rev. Cecilia Morris & Rev. Danika Hill, Chaplains

Team members:
Irene Hale, Ann Herrell, Starr Lansdowne, Kendra Long, Hilary Tompkins, Shannon Uyeda