Cascadia Diocese A4D 2019

What is A4D?

Anglican Fourth Day is part of a worldwide Christian movement, which seeks to improve our relationship to the Lord through Christian action. It simply presents a method by which our spirituality can develop and grow and be shared. A purpose of this program is to form groups of men and women as Christian leaders that will provide support for Christian life in the world. The Fourth Day is designed to make it possible to develop as a Christian – to live in union with Christ and to share Christ with others.

What is an A4D Weekend?

A Fourth Day Weekend provides a living experience while meeting fellow Christians and sharing Christ with them. During the weekend, participants live and work together, listening to and discussing talks given by the clergy and laity. The teachings of Christ are discussed in a climate of joy, mixed with prayer, Eucharist, songs, recreation and laughter. Moments of reflection and silence are vital to the experience. The weekend is a joyous workshop in the fundamentals of our Christian faith.

What happens after an A4D Weekend?

Fourth Dayers (those who have completed A4D) are to to claim the world for Christ as Christians and to build His Kingdom on earth through the transformation of the environments (family, church, neighborhoods, marketplace, etc.) we encounter in our daily lives and to move into new environments the church is not presently reaching. The 4th Day Servant Community shall live out its faith daily (piety, Study, Small Group Accountability with Apostolic Action) using the tools taught during and after the three-day weekend.

To exist as "Fourth-Dayers," as believers, and servants to assist the Body of Christ, the Church, in its mission - to know Christ Jesus and make Him known to others (Matthew 28: 18-20). The A4D servant community is called to be a public friend of Jesus Christ in the marketplace in which we sojourn daily and to stand firm in our Biblically centered Christian Faith. (Luke 12:8-10). To witness to the world both in and outside of the Church as a servant community under the authority of the Church's leadership. To minister to the least, the last, and the lost. To increase the capacity of the church to serve locally, provincially, and internationally.


Northwest Women's A4D Weekend 2019

November 7-10

Black Lake Bible Camp

Olympia, WA


Northwest Men's A4D Weekend 2019

September 12-15

St. Charles Anglican Cathedral

Bremerton, WA



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